Keeping Up With Forum Activity

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Keeping Up With Forum Activity

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If you want to get notifications when something happens on the forums, you have a variety of options.
  1. You can subscribe to a whole forum. Go to that forum's page (for example, the Troubleshooting/Support forum is, and look at the footer of that page, where you should see "Home < Board index < Subscribe forum." If you click, "Subscribe forum," congrats! You're subscribed! You can unsubscribe the same way.
  2. You can do this with individual topics, too. Look at the bottom of this page, where it says 'Return to “Troubleshooting/Support”.' Just above that, you should see a button for "Post Reply" and then next to that, a little button with a wrench on it. That wrench gives you access to a variety of topic-related tools, including an option to subscribe to it. This is also how you unsubscribe.
  3. If you like RSS feeds, you have that option. Take the URL of whatever forum or topic you want to follow as an RSS feed, and add "?mode=news" to the end (minus the quotes). For example, this topic's RSS feed is at url= Add that to your RSS aggregator of choice, and you're golden. RSS feeds update about once every 15-60 minutes, most of the time.
Okay, now that you're subscribed, you also have choices about how notifications show up for you. If you're an RSS person, you can stop reading here.

If you want to get e-mails, you need to set up your user configuration for that. Go to
  1. You'll see a tabular interface with options like "Overview," "Profile," and "Board Preferences." Also of note here, "Private Messages" will take you to your PMs.
  2. Choose "Board Preferences." On the left, you'll see a variety of options. Choose "Edit Notification Options."
  3. The main interface pane shows a list of notification types, and a pair of checkboxes for each one; you have options to get a "notification," which will show up in the upper right-hand corner of the page when you're logged into this forum, but which will not go to e-mail, and you also have options to get an e-mail.
  4. By default, you're signed up to get e-mail when someone replies to a topic you're subscribed to, and when someone creates a new topic in a forum you're subscribed to.
  5. By default, you're signed up to get notifications for anything that happens in a forum or topic you're subbed to.
You can customize these settings to get everything via e-mail, everything by notification only, a mix that suits your preferences, or nothing at all.

If you opt to get e-mail when someone posts to a forum or replies to a topic you're subscribed to, you'll only get one e-mail, even if there are several replies or new posts. The forum will not just keep spamming you with reminders.

Also, note that notification e-mails don't actually send you the whatever content is in the reply. All you get is notice that there's been activity.