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Re: What Are You Reading?

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Talanall wrote:
Tue May 17, 2022 3:55 pm
Autobiography from North Korean defector/survivors sounds like something that might be of interest to my wife. Do you have any recommendations in particular, along those lines?
"Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea" is definitely worth checking out. It is written by an American journalist (Barbara Dernick) who focuses on the stories of 6 North Korean defectors. I think it was published around 2009, so you get a good feel for much of the country's history and major events as experienced by these people.

It is not the easiest read and there are facts and figures to get through which some might consider a little dry, But it's definitely a great foundation if there is an interest for exploring more of North Korea.
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Re: What Are You Reading?

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Thank you for the recommendation.
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Re: What Are You Reading?

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I'm halfway through Cloud Atlas, and I can't understand what anyone saw in this book.
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