Wealth by Level

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Wealth by Level

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Here is a convenient reference item in the case that you need to prepare a PC or NPC without immediate access to your copy of the Dungeon Master's Guide v. 3.0 or 3.5
PC Wealth by Level
2nd900 gp
3rd2,700 gp
4th5,400 gp
5th9,000 gp
6th13,000 gp
7th19,000 gp
8th27,000 gp
9th36,000 gp
10th49,000 gp
11th66,000 gp
12th88,000 gp
13th110,000 gp
14th150,000 gp
15th200,000 gp
16th260,000 gp
17th340,000 gp
18th440,000 gp
19th580,000 gp
20th760,000 gp

NPC Wealth by Level
1st900 gp
2nd2,000 gp
3rd2,500 gp
4th3,300 gp
5th4,300 gp
6th5,600 gp
7th7,200 gp
8th9,400 gp
9th12,000 gp
10th16,000 gp
11th21,000 gp
12th27,000 gp
13th35,000 gp
14th45,000 gp
15th59,000 gp
16th77,000 gp
17th100,000 gp
18th130,000 gp
19th170,000 gp
20th220,000 gp

And here's the same information, except for Pathfinder.

PC Wealth by Level (Pathfinder)
2nd1000 gp
3rd3,000 gp
4th6,000 gp
5th10,500 gp
6th16,000 gp
7th23,500 gp
8th33,000 gp
9th46,000 gp
10th62,000 gp
11th82,000 gp
12th108,000 gp
13th140,000 gp
14th185,000 gp
15th240,000 gp
16th315,000 gp
17th410,000 gp
18th530,000 gp
19th685,000 gp
20th880,000 gp

NPC Wealth by Level (Pathfinder)
Basic Level/Heroic LevelWealth
1st/--260 gp
2nd/1st390 gp
3rd/2nd780 gp
4th/3rd1,650 gp
5th/4th2,400 gp
6th/5th3,450 gp
7th/6th4,650 gp
8th/7th6,000 gp
9th/8th7,800 gp
10th/9th10,050 gp
11th/10th12,750 gp
12th/11th16,350 gp
13th/12th21,000 gp
14th/13th27,000 gp
15th/14th34,800 gp
16th/15th45,000 gp
17th/16th58,500 gp
18th/17th75,000 gp
19th/18th96,000 gp
20th/19th123,000 gp
--/20th159,000 gp

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